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Grease Control Head


The Grease Control Head maintains a grease seal around static (stationary) or dynamic (moving) wireline to prevent the escape of potentially harmful wellbore fluids and gases. A grease seal is achieved by pumping viscous fluid through the space between the inner diameter of grease flow tubes and the outer diameter of wireline. The fluid pumped into a grease control head is controlled by a grease injection system.

Main Features

  • Maintains a seal around wireline when a grease injection system is used
  • Prevents escape of wellbore fluids
  • Grease seal is achieved by pumping a viscous fluid between the wireline and grease tube
  • Grease tubes are available in various sizes for slickline & braided line


  • Sections can be added or removed to compensate for pressure variations
  • Bottom sub contains a velocity check valve
  • Available in pressure ratings up to 15K

Technical Specification

No Technical Specifications are available for this product


  • Test plug
  • Lubricator Wrench
  • Hydraulic hand pump & hose
  • Seal kit
  • High pressure hose
  • Grease tubes


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