Suprahard Tubulars



Quinn’s processes uses their patented Internal Induction Heat treating to harden J55 tuning and pup joints.

It hardens only the ID of the tubular, leaving the remaining wall thickness unaffected.

Other competing processes coat the tubing with:

  • A hardening and/or corrosion resistant material that can flake, crack or wear off, exposing the tubing substrate and making it susceptible to localized corrosion.
  • A plastic like material that reduces the ID of the tubular and therefore restricting the size of pup that can be ran. Risk of plastic wearing off and falling inside pump is also a problem.

Main Features

  • Wear Resistance – an ID case hardness level of 49-58 HRC is achieved and penetrated the wall to minimum depth of 0.010
  • Ductile and Tough – OD of tubing remains in its original state of 23 HRC, keeping the tube flexible and strong.
  • Corrosion Resistance – Because the wall of the tube is not hardened all the way through, it resists H2S embrittlement.


  • Reduce surface friction od ID of tubing
  • No risk of damaged coatings.

Technical Specification

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How many works over are you doing in a year that is related to rod/tubing wear? 15% or 20% of the time?

Rig costs can easily be $10,000 per day. A work over to repair a tubing leak can be a 3 day job. If 15 out of 100 work overs are to fix tubing leaks that equates to $450,000/year.

What would it mean to your company and you personally if you reduce these failures by 50% or more?

Suprahard tubulars are simple, cost effective products to minimize tubing failures. What it means to you is significant savings from related work over coasts. Suprahard tubulars makes sense to save you dollars