Coiled Tubing Lock


Coiled Tubing Locks are used to seal off coiled tubing.


Attach the Coiled Tubing Plug with the proper running tool to the tool string and lower into the wellbore to desired depth, bring tool string to a stop, this will allow the slips to come to rest against tubing wall. Pull up to engage slips on taper and set in tubing wall, once proper tension has been applied and the element has been expanded, jar up to shear the running tool and remove tool string from wellbore. Attach RS to the tool string and lower into wellbore, ensure pressure is equalized before attempting to pull. Jar down to release element and latch slip carrier, remove tool string and lock mandrel from wellbore.

PRECAUTIONS Sand or debris may hinder running and pulling operations. Inspect slips regularly for wear or damage.

Coiled Tubing Lock