D2 Shifting Tool


The “D-2” shifting tool is designed to shift Baker style “L” sliding sleeves.

Collets come in different OD measurements, each sleeve ID will require a corresponding collet with a larger OD.

The purpose of the collet is to locate the sleeve desired to be shifted, the tool can then be extended allowing the spring loaded dogs to move outward latching the inner sleeve for shifting. The collet design allows locating and shifting any desired sleeve in a completion with two or more sleeves.

The selective collet feature includes both the opening and closing “L” sleeves.

The tool requires a specific distance from the square face of the shifting dog to the collet locating profile. This measurement is done with the tool in the retracted position and allows for the shifting tool to disengage the sleeve when the shifting sequence is complete. Although the shifting tool can be deliberately released three steel shear pins are incorporated at the base of the shifting dogs allowing for a safety release feature.

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D2 Shifting Tool