Hydraulic Tubing Punch


Hydraulic Tubing Punch is a device that helps to control the perforating or punching of tubing without using Detonators. The tool provides a source of achieving the well communication between tubing and annulus.


Assemble the Components of the Hydraulic Tubing Punch and attach to the toolstring.Once attached to the toolstring, release safety sleeve, and lower into the wellbore to desired depth, set down on a pre run collar stop or other firm base. Jar down to shear the shear pin and detonate the charge. The punch is forced through the tubing wall when the firing shell is detonated, gas pressure build up above the piston forces the piston down which displaces the oil in the oil chamber to the punch housing. The oil pressure transmitted to the punch housing shears the punch piston pin and forces the punch piston from the punch housing and through the tubing wall.The outside end of tapered punch being larger in diameter than the inside end allowing the punch to fall outside tubing and clear of the perforator.

The hydraulic perforator is designed for three common tubing sizes; 2.375, 2.875 and 3.50 inch tubing. With the use of larger OD sleeves and longer punch piston the 2.375 perforator is converted to 2.875 and 3.50 inch.

Two styles of firing pins and shell caps are available which are rim fire or center fire. The style of firing pin must be matched with the charge.**More information available upon request.

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Hydraulic Tubing Punch