Junk Catcher


To catch and trap debris that is suspended in wellbore.


BT Junk Catchers are made up of 6 components:

1. Fishneck2. Barrel3. Flapper Seat4. Flapper5. Connector Sub6. Gauge Ring


Assemble the Junk Catcher with the desired size of gauge ring and hoist into the lubricator. Lower into wellbore making note of any fluid level, once in fluid the speed of descent should be rapid enough to hold the flapper in the open position, thus allowing debris to pass through and become trapped in theslotted barrel. Once desired depth has been achieved, remove Junk Catcher from wellbore and inspect contents.


Ensure the proper gauge ring is installed, large diameter material may not be able to pass through opening in Junk catcher, if this is suspected, other avenues may have to be considered.

Download Technical Datasheet

Junk Catcher