N Test Plug


Used to pressure test tubing and check for leaks.


Set in PSN nipple and / or sealbore of profile nipple to check integrity of tubing before or after tubing is run / pulled.


The BT “N” Test Plug can be used in various ways, the first is to be run with slickline to desired nipple and set with a jar down tool.

After pressure testing operation are complete, the Test Plug may be retrieved by latching the fishneck with the appropriate size pulling tool and equalizing the hydrostatic pressure by lifting the dart and allowing fluid to pass through the plug until pressure is equalized. Once hydrostatic pressure is equalized, the plug should pull freely from the nipple and be retrieved.PrecautionsThe BT “N” Test Plug only holds pressure from above, if pressure is expected from below this plug should not be used.Precautions to ensure that the plug has the proper no-go ring for the nipple to be landed in is very important for proper operation.

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N Test Plug