SSJ Pulling Tool


Provides a method of downward jarring to shear the tool without core contact of sub surface control being manipulated.


Shear pin placement is now provided with a shear pin hole through the upper part of shear body and core. When the top sub is set and pinned, the lug retainer contacts the pulling tool core nut holding the core in a relative running and pulling position. The lower shear pin in the “S” series pulling tool portion must now be removed. When the upper shearing sub is sheared, the core and top sub adapter move down from the downward jarring to the shear pin. This allows the lug segments to move inward to a recessed area of the sub adapter.

The lug segments will now have enough room to move up past their original locking profile in the shear body. When the lug segments move up so does the lug retainer, allowing the lower core of the “S” series pulling tool to move up and retract pulling dogs to release from the sub surface control.


The “SSJ” is used mainly for running type “X” selective test tools, the “SSJ” is attached to tool string and ran to desired depth setting test tool in nipple profile. This allows the option of remaining latched to fish neck at top of test tool equalizing stem or shearing and leaving test tool set in nipple profile.By shearing with the bottom skirt of the pulling tool landing on the main body of the test tool eliminates damaging equalizing stem seats. Where as conventional jar down to shear pulling tools require pin to be sheared by core contact with downward jarring.


“SSJ” pulling tool is pinned in the upper shear pin hole only.

Ensure the upper lug spring does not become weak, as this could cause thepulling tool to release if the bottom of the test tool hangs up suddenly whilerunning in.

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SSJ Pulling Tool