Wire Retriever


To locate and retrieve Wireline from the wellbore.


The BT Wire Retriever consists of eight main components:

1. Fishneck2. Mandrel3. Top Sub4. Body5. Washer6. Dart7. Tapered Sleeve8. Skirt (may come in different O.D.’s)


Attach to the toolstring and lower into wellbore, Once the top of the wire is found, work the Wire Retriever up and down to allow the wire to become trapped between the skirt and the tapered cone, once this has been achieved remove toolstring and broken wire from the wellbore.


The BT Wire Retriever may be used when there is a desire to locate and potentially retrieve a broken (parted) slickline or wire.

Different size fingered skirts may be interchanged depending on the tubing size.

Download Technical Datasheet

Wire Retriever