Wireline Grab


Fishing slickline or cable lost down well bore.


The wireline grab consists of a hollow housing below the top sub. Either two or three long slots are machined to the bottom of the housing to form the prongs. There are barbs attached to the inside of the prongs pointing upward. The bottom end of the prongs are tapered to guide the wire to the inside of the grab and to conform to the I.D. of the tubing.

The number of prongs will vary with the size of the tubing to maintain the strength of the grab. Smaller sizes of grabs will have only two prongs, while larger sizes may have three or more. The wireline grab’s O.D. usually corresponds to the drift diameter of the tubing, but can be constructed to a desired choice of O.D.

Threaded rings may also be added to top of grabs to get desired O.D. so as not to allow wire or debris past the wiregrab.

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Wireline Grab