Chemical Injection Purging Sub – Quinn's Energy Services

Chemical Injection Purging Sub


Chemical Injection Purging Sub of Quinn’s Energy Services perform two tasks. They allow for injection of fluids such as a de-icing agent or corrosion inhibitor into the well, and they allow for purging of air pressure from a pressure control stack.

Main Features

  • Allows for pumping of nitrogen into a lubricator to displace oxygen and/or hydrocarbons
  • Allows for injection of de-icing agent into a lubricator plugged with ice or a hydrate


  • Allows for injection of solvent or other substance into a waxy oil well to reduce viscosity

Technical Specification

No Technical Specifications are available for this product


  • Test plug
  • Lubricator Wrench
  • Hydraulic hand pump & hose
  • Seal kit
  • Test plug & cap
  • High pressure hose


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