Tool Trap


The Quinn’s Energy Services Tool Trap prevents loss of a tool string down hole if wireline is parted with the Cable Head. It is normally installed between the lubricator and the blowout preventer in a pressure control stack. Manual and hydraulically actuated models are available. The hydraulic model allows for operation of the tool from a remote location.

Main Features

  • Prevents loss of tool string down hole
  • Installed below lubricator
  • Remote hydraulic and manual models available
  • Equipped with carrying handles that also protect hydraulic components
  • Available in 3”, 4”, 5”, 6 5/8” IDs
  • Available in 5K, 10K , 15K

Technical Specification

No Technical Specifications are available for this product


  • Test plug
  • Lubricator Wrench
  • Hydraulic hand pump & hose
  • Seal kit


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