22.5K Portable Pressure Tester

22.5K Portable Pressure Tester


The Lee Specialties’ 22.5K Portable Pressure Tester is a compact device used for safe and efficient hydrostatic pressure testing of wellhead equipment in the shop or field. Stainless steel construction ensures durability.

The Lee Specialties’ 22.5K Portable Pressure Tester uses a two pump system. The high volume pump allows an operator to quickly fill the equipment to be tested. The high pressure pump is used to pressurize equipment up to 22,525 PSI.

An external air supply is required to power the 22.5K Portable Pressure Tester. The external air supply must have a maximum supply pressure of 145 PSI. The Pressure Tester uses fluid from its supply tank for testing.

Air intake pressure, air regulated pressure, and equipment test pressure are all displayed separately on gauges that are located in the control panel. The gauges show these pressures in both Metric and in Imperial units. All controls are easy to access as they are located on top of the unit.

Air enters the 22.5K Portable Pressure Tester system throug a filter. The filter removes debris that may be present in the air supply. After passing through the filter, air flows to an air supply valve that is located on the Control Panel. Opening the AIR SUPPLY valve starts operation of the hight volume pump, which will fill test equipment with test fluid.


Main Features

  • Lightweight construction
  • Pressure tests equipment in the field or in (light-duty use)
  • Working pressures up to 22,500 psi (155.2 MPa)
  • Two pumps and multiple outputs as required


  • Optional Linewise Box for data logging
  • Direct connect high-pressure hose coupling(s)
  • Steel or stainless steel frames

Technical Specification

  • Maximum operating pressure – 22,500 PSI (155.132 mPa)
  • Temperature range – -14 to +104°F (-26 60 +40°C)
  • Fluid tank capacity – 5 US gal (19 L)



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