Motorhead Assembly


The BT Motorhead Assembly is a compact Tool String which incorporates a variety of features. These features include a Dual Flapper Check Valve Assembly, a Ball activated disconnect facility and a dual operation Circulating Sub. The Tool also features a torque through facility as well as a standard internal GS Fishing Neck profile.

The Dual Flapper Check Valves provide a uni-directional barrier between the Well Bore and the Tubing above. The disconnect facility is there to provide a means of disconnecting from a stuck Tool String by simply dropping a Ball. The Circulating Sub introduces a flow path from the Tool ID to the annulus. However, if for any reason circulation through the Tool String is lost, anOverpressure Activated Piston is incorporated.

The Tool can be supplied with a specified Connection up or a variety ofstyles of Coil Connector.

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Motorhead Assembly