C-2 Running Tool


Running Baker style selective lock assemblies through one or more corresponding nipples of the same size.


A preliminary (dummy) run should be made first too, and through the nipple the lock mandrel assembly is to be set in, with the running tool and the proper sized collet.As the collet passes through the nipple profiles above, important sequences to record are: the engine RPM, the selected drum gears, and the number of consistent downward jars to pass each of the profiles. Preparing to run the lock assembly the packing that is installed should be slightly smaller or dressed smaller than the ID of the nipple profile, to reduce friction while passing through the seal bore of the nipple profiles.

The amount of downward jars to pass through the upper nipple profiles can be used as a guideline when setting the lock mandrel in the desired nipple profile, using the same sequence as used with the “dummy” run. In most down hole completions the use of the “C-2” running tool is warrantedto set the lock assemblies in the lower selective nipple profiles, because of limited distance below the nipple profile being utilized.


After each run in the well the collets must be inspected for wear or collapsing of the collet.

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C-2 Running Tool