JK Running Tool


Running “BK / BK – 2 side pocket mandrel latches assembled to sub surface controls.


The “JK” running tools are simple in design, consisting of one part.

The inside is machined with two different inside diameters allowing the running tool to shoulder on the side pocket mandrel latch being ran.

The upper portion of the body has a set of 1/8” shear pin holes on the outer circumference to permit pinning the running tool to the side pocket control latch.

The “JK” running tool is ran in conjunction with the appropriate kickover tool.


Pin valve onto running tool and attached to toolstring.

Lower toolstring into wellbore to desired depth.

Trip the kickover tool, set down into sidepocket mandrel and jar down to set valve, as well as shear the pins in the running tool.

Remove toolstring from wellbore.

Download Technical Datasheet

JK Running Tool