Mechanical Tubing Punch & Perforator


The Brace Tool Tubing Perforator Punch is a non-explosive, mechanical tubing punch that is designed to single hole perforate standard tubing.

-Upward jarring action activates the perforator.

-Also allowing for greater well depth, higher BHP, and higher BHT.

Mechanical Tubing Punch & Perforator

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  1. ignatius
    ignatius says:


    I would like to know if the Otis A-Type Tubing Perforator, requires any form of pressure balancing between the Annulus and the tubing prior to perforating the tubing.
    Do I need to pressure the tubing, to avoid being blown out due to fluid influx (pressure ) from the annulus after perforation.

    Many thanks,


  2. Hazem
    Hazem says:

    I want to know the suitable Mechanical Tubing Punch SPECIFICATION for 3 1/2 TBG (9.3 lb/ft) , running tools , S/L string and accessories and the price list for each tool
    Also how to communicate with You and if you can Ship my order to Egypt and how will it Cost.

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