RC Valve


Placed in tubing string to hold a column of fluid from draining back into the well formation.


The BT RC consists of six components:

1. Fishneck2. Plunger3. Seat4. Seat Sub5. Collet6. Spring


BT RC valves are generally placed in a well when there is a need for fluid to be retained in the wellbore and not to be reabsorbed back into the formation of a well, a good example of this would be above a submersible pump.


Install BT RC Valve into desired jar down running tool and lower into wellbore to desired depth, jar packing into nipple and seat no-go, jar down to shear off and remove toolstring from wellbore.

Pulling Prodedure

Install equalizing prong into desired jar up pulling tool and lower into wellbore to top of the BT RC Valve and pierce the equalizing plunger, wait for tubing to equalize, pull from sealbore and remove toolstring from the wellbore.

Download Technical Datasheet

RC Valve