Redress Kits

-Brace Wireline Valve (BOP)

-Otis & Baker Locks

-Sliding Sleeves

-Thru Tubing redress kits

-Hydro Bailer

Redress Kits

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  1. Samer Asaad
    Samer Asaad says:

    We are wire line resaler company in Egypt.
    Could you please send me your best price for the following items :
    Stuffing box 0.108 packing element 1000 pieces

    3″ 5000psi BOP inner and Outer seal 50 pieces each

    2.75″,2.81″ and 2.31″ x plug v packing seal redress kit 50 piece each size.

    6″ 2000 and 5000 Ib weight indicator systems with 100′ hose

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