Separation Sleeves BKO


Designed to be set in a sliding door to separate / isolate possible leaks through the sliding side door. Also may be used for isolating the wellbore and producing through a slidingside door via ports that may be placed in the isolation sleeve.


Attach the Separation / Isolation sleeve to the desired lock mandrel and lower into wellbore. Jar the lower packing stack through the upper seal bore of the desired sliding sleeve and into the second, this will allow the lock mandrel to locate in thelocking profile, set the lock mandrel and remove tool string from wellbore.


Care should be taken to know and identify the type of Sliding Side Door that the Separation / Isolation Sleeve is to be landed in, as the centre to centre dimension on the Sliding Side Door is critical for proper function of the Separation / Isolation Sleeve.

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Separation Sleeves BKO