Swaging Tool


The Tubing Swage is used for resizing tubing and locating lost wire.


• Resizing tight spots and light collapses to tubing drift diameter.• Cleaning knurled threads from tubing joints.• Used as wire locator when fishing lost wireline in tubing.• Swages can be used for centralizers when a threaded box is provided at the lower end.


The swage is attached to a tool string with sufficient stem weight to deliver increased jarring impacts used for working out tight spots, light collapses and knurled tubing threads.The tool string is lowered to the obstruction, jarring downward until dropping through. Jarring upward, back through the tight spot. This procedure isrepeated until swage passes the obstruction with little or no difficulty.

Using the swage attached to a tool string for a wire locator it is run down the well until the tool string hangs up. This indicates the upper end of lost wire since the swage will not pass wireline lost in tubing.

Once the swage has located the wire, a couple of light downward jars will knurl wire and possibly leave a wire mark on the swage for a positive identification.


Swaging tools should be monitored for wear and damage after each use.After prolonged jarring when resizing tubing the tool string should be pulled out and joints checked for tightness.

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Swaging Tool