XN Lock


XN Lock is the no-go version of X lock. The keys are composed of an angled shoulder which is designed to fit in bore restriction of a nipple which has a bottom nogo that is smaller than the seal bore. This device is designed to be used in single installations or to be used as a bottom nipple in a series of X nipples.


The “XN” lock mandrels with the flow control components are designed for the “XN” seating nipples installed in standard weight tubing. These lock mandrels similar in design are non – selective. Once landed in the seating nipple these mandrels are mechanically locked. This is done by driving the expander sleeve behind the keys, holding the mandrel in a locked position.

Running tool required is “X” and pulling tool required is “GS” or “GR”.


Ensure the ratchet rings on the expander sleeve and inner keys are not excessively worn.

Download Technical Datasheet

XN Lock

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  1. Marcelo Rodriguez
    Marcelo Rodriguez says:

    Hello team,

    We are planning to use X and XN lock mandrels for 2-7/8in tubing and would like to ask you if you can advise us on the pressure rating of these components.

    Which is the pressure that they support from below and above?

    Thanks in advance.
    Best regards.
    Marcelo Rodriguez.-

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