15K Hydraulic Grease Injection System

15K Hydraulic Grease Injection System


The 15K Hydraulic Grease Injection System is a diesel driven, hydraulically operated system. It contains a Quinn’s Energy Services custom designed intensifier pump, live hydraulic swivels, high pressure reel swivels, high pressure manifolds and demonstrates superior craftsmanship. The fully loaded 15K Grease Injection System supplies sufficient viscous oil or grease to seal a grease control head while maintaining constant volume and pressure. Doing so ensures no void exists between the outer diameter of a wireline and the inner diameter of the grease flow tubes within a grease control head.

All components for the grease injection system are contained within the skid’s steel frame. A containment floor pan protects the work site against fluid spills or leaks from components within the skid. A four-point lifting system and twin forklift pockets ease unit transportation.

A 4 cylinder diesel engine provides power for the hydraulic and grease circuits. Three pumps couple in sequence to the diesel engine. First in sequence is a 60cc variable displacement piston pump that provides hydraulic flow to the intensifier pump circuit. Next, a 25cc piston pump couples to it driving the accumulator circuit. Last, is a small 11cc gear pump that provides hydraulic flow to the reel motors or grease charge pump. Four hand pumps control the hydraulic pressure required to function line wiper, packoff, tool trap, and head catcher tools.

A stainless steel control panel contains controls and gauges required to operate the grease injection and accumulator systems. Additional skid controls, located below the control panel are the: EMERGENCY SHUTDOWN control, hose reel spooling controls, the Grease Control Manifold, and the Flow Control valve.

The air intensifier pump couples to an external air source providing an auxiliary grease supply. Operators use the auxiliary system in the unlikely event that the main power system or hydraulic intensifier pump should fail or need to be disabled.

The accumulator system provides a reliable source of pressure to hydraulically actuate BOP rams in the event of engine failure. This allows the BOP rams to close rapidly regardless of engine speed.

Main Features

  • 47.5 hp diesel engine
  • 15K hydraulic intensifier pump
  • Backup air intensifier pump


  • 18.9 L (20 US gal) accumulator system
  • Hand pumps for pressure control stack tool actuation

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