40 Gallon Accumulator for BOP

40 Gallon Accumulator


The 40 Gallon Accumulator provides a reliable source of hydraulic pressure to actuate BOP rams. The 40 Gallon Accumulator can actuate BOPs from single to quad configurations. A diesel engine powers the system hydraulic pump. The hydraulic pump charges four, 10 gallon accumulator bottles that connect in series for redundancy and to provide a sufficient volume for multiple BOP ram actuations. A 3000 PSI nitrogen bottle provides an auxiliary source of pressure for ram actuation in the unlikely event that the main hydraulic system should fail.

The 40 gallon accumulator boasts a 3 cylinder, 4 cycle diesel engine provides power for the hydraulic circuits. Two pumps couple in sequence to the diesel engine. First in sequence is a 25cc variable displacement piston pump that provides hydraulic flow for accumulator functions. Coupled to the 25cc pump is an 11cc gear pump that provides hydraulic flow to motors for reel functions.

Four hose reels contain the hydraulic hoses required to actuate up to four sets of BOP rams. Each reel is hydraulically driven allowing you to quickly spool and un-spool the hoses. This capability shortens set up and tear down time.

The control panel contains the controls and gauges required to safely operate your 40 Gallon Accumulator. Valves on the skid allow you to control hydraulic flow to BOP actuators. The ACCUMULATOR BOTTLES valve, located on the control panel, directs the accumulator system to build or relieve hydraulic pressure.

Main Features

  • Actuates up to four sets of ram blocks
  • Powered by a 36 HP diesel engine
  • Hydraulically drive reels


  • 22.5 gallon diesel tank
  • Backup nitrogen bottle for emergency actuation

Technical Specification

  • Operating temperature range: -40 to 104°F (-40 to +40°C)
  • Diesel engine: 36 HP (26.9 kW) @ 3000 RPM
  • Accumulator pump: 25cc, thru drive piston pump
  • Reel hydraulic pump: 11cc gear pump
  • Hydraulic tank capacity: 60 US gal (227 L)
  • Diesel tank capacity: 22.5 US gal (85.L)
  • Weight: 5036 lbs (2289 kg)
  • Length: 99 in. (251.50 cm)
  • Width: 55-3/4 in. (141.60 cm)
  • Height: 72.5 in. (184.15 cm)
  • Accumulator bottles precharged with 1500 PSI of nitrogen


Consumable Parts with Part Numbers

  • Hydraulic fluid filter: PM810UU0049
  • Engine oil filter: PM810UU1020
  • Engine air filter: PM810UU1021
  • Engine fuel filter: PM810UU1023

Recommended Spare Parts with Part Numbers

  • Hydraulic filter housing: PM810UU0050
  • Fan belt: PM810UU1024
  • Engine starter: PM810UU1025
  • Alternator: PM810UU1027
  • Water pump: PM810UU1030
  • Water pump gasket: PM810UU1031


The 40 Gallon Accumulator provides a reliable source of hydraulic pressure to actuate BOP rams at any time.