Universal Measuring Head

Universal Measuring Head


The Universal Measuring Head provides accurate depth, speed, and line thickness measurement for slickline sizes as small as 0.062 inch and braided line sizes up to 1/2 inch. This eliminates the need for combination wireline units to carry two measuring heads. By incorporating dual digital encoders for electronic depth, a planetary drive for mechanical depth, and a slickline oiler system; this measuring head covers all of your slickline, cased hole, and open hole measurement needs. The simple side loading, lightweight design makes for effortless installation and maintenance.

The Universal Measuring Head incorporates dual digital encoders for electronic
measurements, a planetary drive for mechanical measurements, and a slckline oiler.
The counter mounts to the overhead spooling arm of a wireline unit or, if a tension
device is not installed, a vertical spooler. Imperial and metric configurations are
available. Included with the counter is a quick release adapter for mounting a Lee
Specialties, Inline Tension Device (sold separately.)

Main Features

  • Universal head for slickline, e-line and open hole
  • Remove line-oiler, attach tension device for e-line use
  • Line diameter measurement
  • Dual digital encoders plus mechanical drive


  • Compact, lightweight device
  • Mount to overhead spooling arm
  • Available in both Metric or Imperial Configurations
  • Side Loading

Technical Specification

  • Length – 21 in. (53.3 cm)
  • Width – 9.3 in. (23.6 cm)
  • Height – 15.3 in. (38.8 cm)
  • Weight – 29 lb (13.15 kg)


  • Cased hole tension device assembly – Part Number: AM604UU0008
  • Open hole tension device assembly – Part Number: AM604UU0009


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