B Shifting Tool


B Shifting Tool is used to selectively locate and shift the sliding side door sleeves. These tools are accomplished by B Shifting Tool keys which engage the SSD inner sleeves and depends on the directions the tools are run, up or down and sleeves are shifted.


Install desired keys and attach to the toolstring and lower into wellbore todesired depth.

Locate into SSD by either passing through and pulling back up into SSD to locate in the shifting profile for a up to open sleeve, jar up to begin equalization and shift open SSD.

Remove toolstring from wellbore.

For a jar down to open, simply set down into sleeve to locate the shifting profile, jar down to begin equalization and shift open. Remove toolstring from wellbore.

To close the SSD, simply reverse the procedure.

*Double shear tools are available upon request.*

Download Technical Datasheet

B Shifting Tool