PX Equalizing Assembly


Used to plug off wellbore, used in conjunction with “X/XN” lock assemblies.


The BT “P” Equalizing Assembly is made of 7 components:

1. Prong Mandrel2. End Cap3. Housing4. Back Up Ring – Female5. Back Up Ring – Double Male6. Back Up Ring – Double Female7. V-Packing


Attach housing to appropriate lock mandrel and set in desired profile nipple using a “X” Running Tool. Dress prong with desired packing and lower into wellbore using a jar down Pulling Tool (A BT “SB” is recommended), jar into housing attached to bottom of lock mandrel at desired depth, jar down until pin in SB / JDC is sheared and prong is set.To remove, latch prong with desired pulling tool (always ensure pressure is equalized) jar up until prong comes free. Once the prong has been retrieved, A “ BT” GS or BT GR may be used to retrieve the lock and housing.


Care should be taken to record wellbore pressure before plug is installed. This will aid in equalizing when retrieving operations commence.

*Specify type of V-packing when ordering.

Download Technical Datasheet

PX Equalizing Assembly