Tubing end Locator


Select the correct finger size and install in the slotted housing.

Using a brass shear pin assemble to the tool string.

The tool string and tubing end locator are lowered down the well, until just past the tubing bottom.

The finger will now rotate out from a compressed position to a horizontal position resting on the shear pin.

Raising the tool string until a weight increase appears on the weight indicator, indicates the tubing bottom depth.

The tool string is now lowered approximately two meters, and accelerated up quickly, striking the finger on the tubing bottom and shearing the shear pin.

The shear pin may also be sheared with the use of hydraulic jars.

When ran in conjunction with a sample bailer, a sample from total depth of the well can be obtained.

Delivering a few light downward jars sinks the sample bailer into the bottom of the well to catch a sample.


When total depth measurements are critical the depth can be correlated to well file information to correct any errors of line measurement, from zero depth.

Download Technical Datasheet

Tubing end Locator