Wax Knife


Cut and loosen wax build ups formed on the I.D. of the tubing walls using the Brace tool Wax knife.


The wax cutter is a spear shaped tool with a series of cross holes drilled in a spiral pattern the total length of the body.

Wire is then placed through each hole and bent around the body.

Twist the wire ends together to form what looks like a pigtail.This twist is then cut off to a measured length suited for the I.D. of the tubing, the wax cutter will be used in.


Install the wax cutter on a tool string and lower down the tubing string, exceeding the depth that wax characteristically forms in the well or area.After each pass a provision should be made to flow or circulate loose wax from the well.

To avoid getting the tool string stuck on wells with heavy wax or hydrates passes, should be shortened to a few meters then pulling up and clearing worked area with tool string.

Remove the tool string to surface to clean the wax cutter and the tool string after each pass.


Install new cutting wires regularly

Download Technical Datasheet

Wax Knife