Smart Batteries and Tester

Smart Batteries and Smart Tester : a unique concept by Metrolog

Metrolog memory gauges are powered by lithium cell based batteries, operating at low and high temperature, specially designed by Metrolog called Smart batteries.
Thanks to the very low gauge consumption, their life has been widely extended and thus, can be used for extra long duration jobs.
Our batteries are Smart, as they know their remaining power any time.
During acquisition, batteries record the energy used by the gauge, taking into account the surrounding temperature, the current programming and the gauge actual consumption. The battery gets its remaining energy by subtraction.
The parameters needed for the calculations and the required statistics are permanently stored in the battery, so a battery can be switched from one gauge to another without loss of information: when a gauge is connected to a computer, battery type and remaining energy are displayed for user’s information.
The indication has an accuracy of ± 5 %. For jobs that cannot be easily repeated, no risk should be taken when the remaining energy is displayed to be a few days since there is no guarantee about the accuracy at that stage.


Type Name Part number Max. temp. (°C) Max. temp. (°F) Volt Used for
P P15E D.55.B.P15E 150 300 3.9 All tools with 1,25″ OD (Gen. 4&5)
AP15E D.55.B.AP15E 150 300 3.9 AMEtrolog (Generation 4&5)
2P15E D.55.B.2P15E 150 300 3.9 For long duration operations with Quartz gauges
LP15E D.55.B.LP15E 150 300 7.8 For long duration operation with Piezo gauges & Multilog4/5
L2P15E D.55.B.L2P15E 150 300 7.8 Special battery pack for extra long job (contact Metrolog for more details)
P20E D.58.B.P20E 200 392 7.2 CGM-HT/-XHT (Generation 4 and 5) for high temperature jobs up to 200°C (preferably above 150°C)
2P20E D.58.B.2P20E 200 392 7.2 Idem for long duration operation
L L15E D.50.B.L15E 150 300 3.9 iGauge, iQuartz
2L15E D.50.B.2L15E 150 300 3.9 iGauge, iQuartz, iGauge GL
F F15E D.30.B.F15E 150 300 7.8 CGM3 with 350 000 points 1.25”OD AMEtrolog & MultilogB
2F15E D.30.B.2F15E 150 300 7.8 Idem for long duration jobs
Z Z15E D.60.B.Z15E 150 300 3.9 Gauge5/-HT, iQuartz5/-HT/-XHT
LZ15E D.60.B.LZ15E 150 300 7.8 iGauge5/-HT, iQuartz5/-HT/-XHT
2LZ15E D.60.B.2LZ15E 150 300 7.8 Idem for long duration
Z20E D.61.B.Z20E 200 392 7.2 iGauge5-HT, iQuartz5-HT/-XHT for high temperature jobs up to 200°C (preferably above 150°C)
2Z20E D.61.B.2Z20E 200 392 7.2 Idem for longer duration operation
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