Dump Bailer


To spot or deposit acid / cement on or into downhole equipment.


BT Dump Bailers are made up of 8 components:

1. Fishneck (Top Fill Sub)2. Barrel3. Shear Disc Sub4. Shear Disc5. Sleeve6. Dart7. Bottom Sub8. Spring


Assemble dump bailer with fill sub elevated, fill with desired material throughslot in fill sub and hoist into lubricator.

Lower into wellbore to desired depth jar down to puncture shear disc andrelease material.

Remove from wellbore.


Ensure all connections are tight so as to prevent leakage. Inspection andmaintanence of components will extend the life of the bailer, especially in corrosive environments.

* Non-Stock Item. Please call for price and delivery.

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Dump Bailer